AUS10 Vs VG10 – Which Knives Steel is The Best?

AUS10 Vs VG10

If you are a knife freak, you should know about the steel types used for knife manufacturing. So, with that in mind, you’re probably aware that Japanese steel is one of the most well-known steels for knife production. The main reason Japanese knives are so famous is that they use quality AUS10 or VG10 steels to craft … Read more

Dalstrong Vs Wusthof – Which One is the Best?

Dalstrong Vs Wusthof

When it comes to knife manufacturers, Dalstrong and Wusthof are two of the most well-known companies. Many chefs and household cooks use their blades as they are quite popular in the knife industry. Both these knife brands have their own story on producing quality knives for the mass. Talking about Wusthof, they have been producing … Read more

Yoshihiro Vs Shun – Find Out the Best Japanese Slicing Knife

Yoshihiro Vs Shun

Japanese knives are famous for their gorgeous and intricate design, as well as the cuts they deliver. So, if your choice is between any Japanese-style kitchen knife, then you are on the right track. You probably know that Yoshihiro and Shun are two brands to look for when purchasing  Japanese knives. Both these brands are best … Read more

Wusthof Classic vs Gourmet Knives – Which One You Should Consider?

Wusthof Classic vs Gourmet

Wusthof is a top competitor in the knife world, and if you are considering purchasing one of these Wusthof knives, you will be making a wise decision. However, as you may be aware, Wusthof Knives come in two varieties: Classic and Gourmet. So, here’s the thing: Wusthof Classic vs Gourmet knives, which one should you … Read more