What is a Ballistic Knife – Forbidden Weapon of an Elite Service

Ballistic Knife, the name may raise curiosity in you. You have heard about Ballistic Missile. But What is a Ballistic Knife? Does it fly like a Missile? The answer to your question is yes; this Knife can fly. But for a short distance.

But the first thing you should know is this – Ballistic Knife is one of the infamous knives that most governments have declared illegal for the commoners.

So what is this Ballistic Knife? How did they appear? What made them so infamous? How can you buy a Ballistic Knife? Or How can you make one?

We have come up with all the answers you are curious to know.

What Is a Ballistic Knife how Does It Work?

Ballistic Knife is a combination of a knife and a hollow handle with a mechanism that allows you to shoot the blade just when you press on a trigger. To be more specific, the hollow handle acts like a gun, and the knife blade acts like a bullet.

The hollow handle covers the blade’s tang and acts as a shell for it. At the same time, the false handle contains a trigger such as a latch, button, or switch. When you press the trigger, it activates the simple spring or compressed-gas-driven mechanism that ejects the blade.

Depending on the strength of the mechanism, the ejected blade can travel like a rocket and hit a target several yards away. 

The more strong the spring mechanism you put behind ejecting the Knife, the fast it will fly and the more distance it will cover with louder noise. Compressed gas-driven Ballistic Knives make just a hiss, which is noisier than the spring shooter.

You can instantly reload a Ballistic Knife with the spring mechanism. But in the case of a compressed gas-driven Knife, that isn’t possible.

History of Ballistic Knife

History of Ballistic Knife


The former Soviet Union built a special kind of force operating directly under the military intelligence unit. This force is known as Spetsnaz Troops.

The Spetsnaz Forces had to go through special training like all other elite forces. Perfecting the knife-throwing skill was one of them. The purpose was to sneak in and take out the target in one shot. However, learning to throw knives accurately needed days and sessions of training. As a massive number of people were being recruited into the Soviet Army, the training time was limited even for everyone, including the elite forces.

In the late 1970s, the Soviets came up with a magnificent solution to that problem. Soviet Union defense ministry and state security committee agreed to provide them with a special kind of Knife, the Spetsnaz Knife. Soviet company Ostblock was given charge of making Spetsnaz knives and produced in big numbers for the Spetsnaz Troops.

The ballistic Knife was an advanced replacement for the knife-throwing in every way. It is easier to master, less time-consuming, and can cause more damage.

The only thing that was bothersome about it was the fierce thrust it would produce while launching the ballistic blade. Later on, the Spetsnaz troopers found it a lot more useful.

They could put it to work as a usual dagger knife. And when they were out of bullets or needed to save bullets, they could shoot the blade. If they found the blade, it was easy to reinstall. In case of losing the blade, they used spare blades to replace it, leaning on it with all the weight of the soldier’s body to compress the powerful spring.

In modern days, anything splendid will quickly raise hype among the general people. So did the Spetsnaz knife or ballistic Knife. In Hollywood movie Commando (1985), Ballistic Knife appeared in front of the whole world, as Arnold Schwarzenegger instantly killed a thug with the help of it. This movie scene astounded the viewers as well as real-life thugs and indirectly warned the Governments. Soon after, the ballistic Knife had gone infamous.

Why Are Ballistic Knives Illegal? 

Why Are Ballistic Knives Illegal

In the early 1980s, a massive load of unregistered copies of the Ballistic knife appeared in the US market and black market. Its appearance impressed the people with dangerous intentions more than common people like the knife enthusiasts and hunters. 

This Knife may not carry a bullet, but a deadlier weapon than a gun because Ballistic Knife is like that double-edged sword that allows its user to shoot like a gun and stab like a dragger. And letting people have it is more like allowing people to walk around with an unregistered gun.

It was unclear how and why Ballistic knives appeared in the USA of all places. On top of that, it was a Soviet military weapon, and it appeared on the black market when the world was at the peak of the Cold War.

Senator Alphonse D’Amato was the first to bring up all these facts about Ballistic knives. He proposed a bill to ban the possession or sale of Ballistic knives. This bill failed initially, but all the keen eyes started to notice phishy facts about that gadget. The senator quickly gained support from other senators. As a result, the US government enacted the bill into law.

News doesn’t sit in one place in this globalized world. Many other governments found Ballistic Knife way too dangerous to let people carry it. In fact, in some places, drug dealers still give a hard time to the law enforcers with this Knife. As a result, many countries walked down the same path as the USA did back in 1986.

However, many countries out there are not considering the Ballistic Knife a threat particularly. For example, the knife rules of the UK don’t completely snub Ballistic knives.

Facts: Did you know?

  • Ballistic Knife is known as Pilum Knife in the UK.
  • Russians call Ballistic Knife a Spetsnaz Knife.
  • Ballistic Knife also goes by French Knife and Automatic Knife.

Stances of Different Countries Against Ballistic Knife

Countries that Banned Ballistic Knife:

Countries that Banned Ballistic Knife

The only USA has a particular law and sentence for the Ballistic Knife and its carrier. Most governments do not have a particular law for a particular knife. They often enact knife legislation for all kinds of knives. Some governments consider dangerous knives as weapons.

Anyway, these governments enacted a ban on some characteristics such as the size of a knife, using or carrying purpose, mechanism, the appearance that a knife may feature, etc.

And carrying a banned knife or weapon may get you imprisonment for up to 6 months. It’s natural not to feel okay with it. Nor a good idea to use a forbidden knife where it is banned. Let’s see different countries in the world penalize for what kind of action with a Knife:

Albania: Carrying as well as manufacturing, selling, and buying any sharp object that is only intended to ATTACK OR DEFEND. Imprisonment of 3 years is the punishment you are going to face for such an offense.

Australia: Carrying any kind of sharp object without proper reason.

Austria: Carrying a weapon in disguise of another object

Bahrain: Keeping or carrying sharp objects, except for kitchen knives and swords.

Bahamas: Carrying a Concealed knife

Bangladesh: Carrying any kind of sharp object for self-defense.

Barbados: Carrying any kind of sharp object

Belgium: Carrying a weapon in disguise of another object

Canada: Carrying any knife less than 30 cm. But regardless of the length, any knife can be opened using centrifugal force or by hand pressure applied to a button.

Chile: Carrying any sort of object with a purpose to attack or defense.

Cyprus: Carrying any pointed knife in the public places 

Denmark: Carrying any sort of throwing Knife, automatic Knife, push knife, two-part handle knife, knife in disguise with other things, Knife that with ready access by the wearer. 

France: Carrying nothing other than a fixed blade or folding Knife with a locking system is allowed.

Germany: Carrying cutting, thrusting Knife (Dagger), automatic Knife, Knife with one-hand opening-locking mechanism or any Knife above 12 cm

Greece: Carrying any sort of object with the purpose of attacking or defending.

Hong Kong: Carrying any knife, the blade of which is exposed by a spring or other mechanical or electric device.

Hungary: Automatic Knife & Ballistic Knife can only be sold to the members of army and law enforcement.

India: Carrying automatic, spring, or button-operated Knife or Knife that is longer than 9 cm.

Iran: Carrying any kind of Knife, especially a concealed knife

Italy: Carrying or owning a double-edged Knife and automatic Knife.

Japan: Carrying Knife longer than 6 cm. Kitchen knives and hunting knives are considered exceptions.

Latvia: Carrying anything that is intended to cause harm utilizing human muscle force or special mechanisms. Hunting weapons and sports weapons are considered exceptions.

Lebanon: Carrying any kind of Knife on a trip is risky. Knives are marked as white weapons in Lebanon.

Malaysia: Carrying almost all kinds of knives. The punishment is an astounding charge of Corrosive, Explosive, and Dangerous Weapons Act 1958 and jail time of up to two years and whipping upon conviction.

Malta: Carrying Knife with a pointed tip. Normally they are not on hard line with the knife law, but the law punishment is up to 50 liri (132.4 USD) fine or three months imprisonment.

Mauritius: Manufacturing, selling, and owning any kind of double-edged Knife, a Knife that has the resemblance to a dagger or stabbing knife.

Mexico: Carrying any sort of Knife longer than 10 cm except kitchen knife, butcher knife. The bearer may face a charge of carrying a deadly weapon and up to a massive five years sentence of incarceration.

Morocco: Carrying any kind of Knife in public places.

Moldova: Carrying Knife of over 9.5 cm in length or 2.6 cm of breadth.

New Zealand: Carrying any kind of sharp object in a public place without proper reason.

Norway: Carrying any kind of sharp object in public without a valid reason. Any suspicious activity regarding knives will see you up to 6 months imprisonment.

Russia: Only for military usage. Forbidden for public usage.

South Africa: Carrying any object capable to cause a serious wound.

Serbia: Carrying any sort of Knife with the purpose to attack or defend.

Singapore: Carrying a Knife in public places.

Spain: Carrying blade with double edge and any blade longer than 11 cm

Slovakia: Double-edged knives are regarded as “cold weapons.” Carrying a double-edged knife may see a €500 fine.

Sweden: Carrying Knife in public places without a valid reason. Also, buying, selling, and carrying any object made only for attack or defend are prohibited for age group of under 21. Self-defense is not a valid reason under any circumstances.

Switzerland: Carrying Knives of offensive nature.

Turkey: Carrying knives is not unlawful there but used for attack or defend.

UK: Carrying a knife of questionable status

USA: Ballistic Knife Law – United States Code, Title 15 Section 1245

(d) “Ballistic knife” defined. As used in this section, the term “ballistic knife” means a knife with a detachable blade that is propelled by a spring-operated mechanism. Pub. L. 85-623, Sec. 7, Oct. 27, 1986. Amended Nov. 18, 1988.

Defying this law in the USA will see you a fatal 5 years of imprisonment

How Far Can A Ballistic Knife Fly?

As said earlier, how far a Ballistic Knife can travel solely depends on the mechanism that is launching the blade. A ballistic knife might be made to go the distance. But the distance it covers is minimal to keep it as good as silent killer. The shot mechanism will apply force to thrust the Knife. More force will create more noise. However, this distance is still better than nothing as long as it can silently reach out to the foe.

The Ballistic knives that Ostblock used to make for Spetsnaz troops was perhaps the most powerful ones. The blades could fly at 35-40 kph. At that speed, an object this sharp can easily pierce throw anything with a light shield. To cause that damage, the Spetsnaz troopers had to get their enemy within a range of 25 meters. Not bad for a short-distance weapon.

For the usual build of a Ballistic knife, this distance can be 5-11 meters, which is enough to pierce through a wood board.

To hit a target in the range, all you have to do is keeping your hand straight and press the trigger. Quite a handy thing, isn’t it?

What Purpose I Can Put a Ballistic Knife to Use

What Purpose I Can Put a Ballistic Knife to Use

As a purpose, Self-defense suits the best with a Ballistic Knife. If you’re in a law enforcement agency, going into a dangerous situation where your safety is a priority, you may take a Ballistic Knife with you there. Who knows what can serve you the best in a situation like that? But in this case, staying respectful to the law is mandatory. Choose your steps wisely.

Another thing you can use a Ballistic Knife for is the Knife Throwing competition. Though in that case, you and your competition have to be non-professional and allow this Knife. A Ballistic knife is a lot easier than a Throwing-Knife. It can save you some training time.

Hunting can be an option. For example, you encountered an angry boar in the wild. What will you do then? The only option is to fight it and save yourself there. Keeping a Ballistic Knife and a common dagger saves the day for you. Aim at the predator’s head. That’s your best shot. And by any chance you miss the shot, your dagger will help you.

We are extremely discouraged to hunt a wild animal that isn’t harming us, though. Wildlife is at stake these days. And if you act careless, then it will only get worse for the ecosystem.

Where Can I Buy A Ballistic Knife

As you already know from above, it’s banned in most countries, especially the first world countries. So if you are a resident of those countries, finding a Ballistic Knife to buy is tough. The countries that do not restrict Ballistic knives do not have a Ballistic Knife abundance problem to worry about. In some cases, they don’t even know what a Ballistic Knife is. So it’s safe to say finding a ready-made Ballistic Knife to buy is too hard.

You can think of searching for a Ballistic Knife online. But the renowned online super shops like Amazon, and Aliexpress won’t sell ballistic knives. Because it’s illegal, and most of the customs will not let it pass. The only way you can buy one online is through the deep web or dark web knife shops. That is a troublesome task from start to end.

Here is a suggestion from you. Whoever you are buying from, just make sure that someone is the right person. Don’t mix yourself into some federal or government issue.

The better way you can get a Ballistic Knife is to visit a blacksmith or swordsmith. If he does not know how to make one, simply instruct him.

How Can I Make A Low Effort Ballistic Knife?

You can also make a DIY Ballistic Knife using simple things. Here are what you need:

  1. 3-4 Candy Dispenser
  2. 2-3 ink tubes from pens
  3. Glue Gun
  4. Knife Bl


Maybe you have known Ballistic Knife since Call of Duty: War zone and Black Ops – Cold War. Or perhaps you got to learn about this Knife from Knife forums, war history, or movies and found it amusing. But a ballistic knife is far from an ordinary knife.

This unique tool is a knife and a gun at the same time. Propelling the fixed blade like a Ballistic missile, that’s how it got the name. This tool is quite useful for the military, but the exact opposite for the general people. Why do you have it? – This question from a law enforcer is waiting for you in most parts of the world.

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